14 Mar 2015

Enugu people get in here..."Nice and More" opens today..!

"Nneoma... Nneoma...Daddy said Uncle Chidi will be back next week with his family" my sister shouted from the other half of the house.

I had never met Uncle Chidi's Children because he left Nigeria before I was born and hadn't returned in 21 years. I soo excited I would finally meet him but more excited about meeting his twin daughters "Peppy and Phi" who were the same age with me..

I was friends with them on social media and they are so classy and pretty sometimes I doubt we have the same grand parents. I was dying to get to meet them amd learn how to carry myself with the class and confidence they did.

On their arrival day, I went to get them from the airport. I watched them from a distance and took in their appearance... their hair looked so well kept, not a strand was out of place, their dresses spectacularly clean... everything about them screamed freshness.
I immediately became worried.  If they stayed 2 weeks in this town... all this their freshness would dissappear as there was no classy salon or dry cleaning outfit to their standard. And they would probably hate Nigeria and never come back again.

I resolved within myself to hunt for salon and dry cleaning outfit that would be upto the standard they were used to in Texas.
A friend of mine told me about a Unisex salon "Nice and more" and advised me to take my cousins there. I went alone yesterday to check out the place and I was impressed is an understatement. I haven't been to Texas but I am sure this place can compete with whatever they have there.

I cant wait to take my whole family there today for the opening. Yes oh... Not just my cousins... Since its a Unisex salon my brothers, Uncle and Dad deserve to be treated to such luxury too.
Thank you Nice and more...

Everyone is invited to the official opening of Nice and more Unisex salon and Dry cleaning service today.
Inside C to C plaza, 8 presidential road, Nkpokiti junction,  Enugu.
Benefits for attending...
- free dry cleaning for 4 clothing items today
- 50% discount on all services at the salon
-30% discount on all services for the next 2 weeks.

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